Restore Pictures after Firmware Error

Lost access to the pictures on your digital camera due to firmware error?

This software assures you completely secure recovery solution to get back your lost pictures. With its simple yet effective and intuitive user interface, you would not require any kind of technical expertise to carry out the recovery procedure. Therefore, this software is highly reviewed and recommended by most of the Shareware Experts and appreciated by a huge number of customers who had been benefited by using this software.

Before going directly to the recovery procedure, it’s better to have a brief knowledge regarding the role of the firmware in the digital camera as well as the reasons behind the firmware error.

What is firmware?

Firmware is an embedded software or application that is permanently stored in the digital camera. It is mainly responsible for making the digital camera work properly as a unit. Unlike the other applications, firmware is not available on DVDs or CDs. The manufacturer installs the firmware before shipping the digital camera.

If an updating in the firmware is required, then the manufacturer might notify the customer via e-mail or the manufacturer’s website. First you have to download the updated version of the firmware to your computer and then connect the digital camera to your computer and install the firmware to your digital camera. However, any interruption or error occurred during the firmware update may raise “Firmware Error” that ultimately give rise to picture loss from your digital camera. SanDisk microSDHC card photo Recovery software is capable enough to perform photo recovery from SanDisk SD, Micro SD, Mini SD, SDHC, SDXC card etc.

What are the reasons behind firmware error?

  • Firmware flash failure: When the firmware of the digital camera fails to update completely, then the scenario is sometimes called as firmware flash failure. This situation might have occurred because the firmware update program first checks the firmware version of the digital camera. If the current version is same as the program being executed, then the firmware terminates because it interprets that the camera already has the updated version. In cases, when the firmware update is attempted and failed previously, the pictures in the digital camera become corrupt and hence lost.
  • Accidental shut down of camera: The camera may accidentally turn off during the firmware update due to low battery or any other battery related issues which leads to update failure. The pictures in the digital camera become inaccessible due to this firmware update failure. Other than this sudden power failure can also cause firmware update failure.
  • Firmware corruption: Corrupted firmware also lead to firmware update failure. The firmware may be corrupted due to error in downloading, Virus infection or any interruption while downloading the firmware etc.

Precautions after the firmware update failure:

  • First inspect the USB cable if the camera is not recognized by the computer. Try it on different USB port of the computer and also try it in different computer to ensure whether it is properly working or not.
  • If the cable is working properly, then switch off the digital camera as well as take out the memory card of the digital camera and keep it unused. Never save any new data into that memory card to avoid permanent loss of the lost pictures.
  • Do not install the Advanced Photo Recovery software on the memory card itself, because; it may overwrite the lost pictures in the memory card. You can install the software to your computer’s hard drive and connect the digital camera to the computer while carrying out the recovery process.
  • It is better to use the trial version of any photo recovery software first. This will give you a chance of evaluating the recovery chances of your lost pictures as well as the efficiency of the photo recovery software.
  • You can definitely opt for the full version of the photo recovery software, after you are satisfied with its trial version.

Functionalities of Digital Photo recovery software:

  • The Digital Photo Recovery Software is compatible enough with both Windows as well as Mac OS X.
  • It is also possible by this tool and all other supported storage devices by this software are mentioned briefly below:
  • Supported Storage Device: XD card, Multi Media Card (MMC), USB memory card, Hard drive (SATA / ATA / PATA / SCSI / IDE etc.), Pen drive, Floppy Drive, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick DUO, Memory Stick PRO DUO, Compact Flash Card, Digital Cell Phone, Digital Camera, Camcorder, FireWire Drive, Apple iPod (like Mini, Classic, Shuffle, Nano) and many more.
  • This software can restore lost pictures from memory card and support all file formats including standard formats (such as JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF, TIFF etc.) and RAW photo file formats (like CRW and CR2 (Canon), ARW (Sony), ORF (Olympus), MRW (Minolta), PEF, DNG (Pentax), RAF (Fuji), X3F (Sigma) and many more). For more information, visit here

Detailed Recovery process to rescue picture lost after firmware error:

  1. Connect the digital camera to the computer via USB cables. Download and install the demo version of the photo recovery software in the hard drive of your computer. After successful installation, select “Recover Photos” from the main screen.
  2. Restore Pictures after Digital Camera Firmware Error - Main Screen

    Fig 1: Main Screen

  3. After that you will get a new window with options such as “Recover Deleted Photos” and “Recover Lost Photos”. Select the second option to restore lost pictures
  4. Restore Pictures after Digital Camera Firmware Error - Select the Mode of Photo Recovery

    Fig 2: Select the Mode of Photo Recovery

  5. Then select the digital camera as the logical drive from which the photos are to be recovered and then click on “Next” to initiate the scanning process
  6. Restore Pictures after Digital Camera Firmware Error - Choose the Logical Drive

    Fig 3: Choose the Logical Drive

  7. After scanning is completed, you can view all the photos recovered from the digital camera.

Tips to prevent picture loss in the future:

  • You can use UPS to avoid picture loss because of power fluctuation.
  • The best option to prevent picture loss in the future is to take backup on a regular basis. The photos can be easily restored from the backup files.
  • Use latest antivirus program to prevent firmware corruption.

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